Tôi mang hết những kỷ niệm lúc mình gần nhau, cẩn thận gìn giữ
Bạn mang những ký ức với người ta đặt trên đầu giường
Đêm đêm ôm ấp bóng hình, mong nhớ
Mình giống nhau
Những kẻ đuổi hình bắt bóng
Ngỡ ôm gọn trong tay là giữ được
Ngỡ đan chặt ngón tay là buộc được
Thật ra chỉ là ảo mộng
Người vốn đã không muốn ở thì có trói ép thế nào rồi người cũng bước đi thôi


How I Shoot: Capturing Cocktails with @danielkrieger

For each How I Shoot, we ask an Instagrammer to tell us about the process behind their photos and videos. For more of Daniel’s pictures of food and drink, follow @danielkrieger on Instagram.

For Daniel Krieger (@danielkrieger), a photographer in New York City, the recipe for an enticing cocktail photo includes “beautiful composition, atmosphere and the best possible light.”

Though he also regularly documents dishes at restaurants such as Estela (@estelanyc) and Maison Premiere (@maisonpremiere), Daniel said that cocktails have something special going for them that most dishes don’t: their ability to transmit light. Captured correctly, “that glass just pops and creates an instant focus for the viewer.”

Here are Daniel’s tips for capturing the perfect cocktail photo:


"iPhone 5."

Vantage Point

"A 45-degree angle is nice because it shows the different layers of the drink and glass. And try backing up a bit. When you fill the entire frame with a dish of food or, in this case, a cocktail, the frame feels cramped and the iPhone camera doesn’t do as well. Put the drink against a wall, using some of the wall in your frame to create a nice composition. Watch your peripherals. If there’s a crumpled cocktail napkin behind your drink, move it out of the frame. If some guy is in the background of your frame maybe move a little bit to get him out of it. If he keeps following you around maybe go to another bar!"


"Either use a cool glass—a coupe is a sexy choice—or a spirit with a rich, beautiful color. As with any type of mobile photography, natural light is a large chunk of the pie chart that makes up a good photograph. I will often use direct sunlight late in the day.”


"Enhance the image using an app like Snapseed (iOS and Android) or VSCO (iOS and Android). And don’t forget to enjoy the drink. Cheers!”

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This class reminds me about those time
when we were there
And we held hands under the table
I miss you
I miss us

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Girl: Hi

Boy: what??

Girl : I miss youuuuuuuuuuuu

Boy: for what? btw I don’t miss you.

Girl: oh okay.

Boy: bye

Three months later, the girl dies.

We don’t know what will happen 

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the poster lights were out and I just


*insert witty comment about the irony*




the poster lights were out and I just


*insert witty comment about the irony*

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Have you ever seriously thought about killing yoursefl?
It’s not just about die or alive, it’s about how to die
The way to do that
Run into the train or a car?
Take 29 sleeping bills?
Cut 2 lines on your wrists?
Jump out of building’s window?
You just have one live but there so many ways to end it
It’s interesting sometimes
It really is

Mình muốn ở cạnh bạn…
Chả cần nồng nàn yêu thương
Chỉ muốn nhìn bạn cười, nghe bạn nói
Lúc bực dọc đùng đẩy
Chỉ muốn nghe bạn hát ca
Khó khăn nào cũng qua
Nhiều khổ đau trên đời cũng nhẹ dần đi
Mình chỉ muốn ở cạnh bạn
Chỉ vậy thôi